Guest blog by Dr John Mallord, Senior Conservation Scientist at the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science

When I last wrote, at the beginning of November, Titan had just arrived in his wintering ground in Mali, just a few kilometres from where he had been the previous year (see our previous blog, here), and I suggested that he may choose to stay there a while, as he had in 2014.

Titan settled over Christmas

Checking the data early in the New Year, it was clear that Titan had been quite settled since he arrived in Mali, having moved little apart from his daily foraging trips.

Map showing Titan’s movements from November 2015 - January 2016, we believe he has been roosting in trees along the river and making daily forays into the surrounding fields to feed.

Titan moves south

On the 12th January, I made a check of the satellite-tracking website, and found......... Titan had finally moved on, 280km south-east, towards the capital of Mali, Bamako.

The first thing that sprang to mind was whether he was heading to the area where he spent the bulk of last winter, as he was now only 200km away.

Well just over two weeks have past, and he is still there; as he has been doing throughout his time in Africa, he has found a wooded river valley, and seems to be making daily forays from there to feed.

Time will tell whether this is his last stop this winter or not. And then all there is to look forward to is the nerve-wracking wait for him to set off north again; hopefully, he won’t keep us hanging on quite so long this spring......

Map showing Titan finally moves! The question is, is he again heading to the same spot as last year (marked by the red circles)?

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