It has been a year since I started working on this project and time has flown by. Our next lot of chicks are just starting to hatch in Norway, but it’ll be a few weeks yet until we discover  how many nests containing twins we have in our collection areas. This time last year there was  bad weather in Norway which led some pairs to fail, so we have our fingers crossed! I’ll be joining members of the Norwegian Ornithological Society in early June to help with chick collection.

Here in Fife we are busy with preparations for the next batch. Licences have been secured and logistics are being arranged for their transport and arrival. Cages are still being cleaned and disinfected and perches are being replaced after damage suffered last year from pairs of 4kg eaglets jumping up and down on them!

Last year’s birds are still on the move exploring new areas; birds 5, T and K moved up to Loch Tay in the last month where they are frequently being spotted by people out fishing. They’ve had at least one scrap with some juvenile golden eagles in the area and bird K has lost a tail feather. Birds also ventured into Midlothian for the first time.

Our Loch of Kinnordy reserve near Kirreimuir has had a couple of visits recently and I’ll be heading up to Beauly soon to check out some recent sightings  that have been reported from there.  And finally we still have birds in Fife and the Perthshire glens, with one being spotted flying over Errol on the weekend, a great bird for the garden list!

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