People often ask whether the 2007 and 2008 birds behave the same or differently and looking over our distribution database and reading the March 2008 blogs shows that, so far, yes they do!

Following the initial dispersal in the autumn, February and March seems to be a time for eagles to move south and west and for the first communal roosts away from the release site to break up (last year at Strathbraan and this year in the Carse of Gowrie.)

Four birds have now moved south-west towards Stirling, frequenting, Carsebreck, Strathearn, Argaty red kite centre  allowing Lynn Bowser to take this fantastic photo. and Blair Drummond safari park.  

Female 92 just kept on going, reaching the Solway and popping into England for a few hours on the 11th February causing a bit of a media stir. Since then, she has been in the Kirkcudbright area. Only two weeks before she had been roosting near Perth and this is a reminder of how vagrant young sea eagles can be. A bird from Lapland stayed in Hampshire for four months last winter.
In February 2007 female 5 and male T spent some time on the river Earn near Auchterader, this year male 88 (Alan) and female 80 are spending time in exactly the same place and you can view some great footage of them putting up a flock of pink-footed geese at:

After spending some time down at Fettercairn, ‘Ralf’ finally made it onto RSPB Loch of Strathbeg reserve on the 6th March, much to the delight of staff and visitors. He has been moving back and forth, attempting to hunt wigeon on the reserve and finding some carrion to eat near St Fergus.


Buzzards have been suffering during the cold snap, but the sea eagles have found it to their advantage with two birds working together to repeatedly dive bomb ducks in an unfrozen corner of the loch at Blair Drummond Safari park in February.

Three birds remain at the communal roost with others in Fife, a bird is in Midlothian and we had our first west coast sighting of one of the birds released in 2008 on Skye.