December, 2011

Our work

Our work
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East Scotland Sea Eagles

Find out how we're bringing back white-tailed eagles to east Scotland
  • Irish sea eagle released!

    After spending just over a month in the care of SSPCA, the sea eagle that was rescued from the north Aberdeenshire coast has finally been re-released into the wild. This time, successfully! It was decided to release the bird in Fife in a brief window of good weather on Tuesday.

    The bird had been carefully washed several times to remove the grease from his feathers which prevented him from taking off at the previous attempted release at Loch of Strathbeg. He is now in far better condition thanks to SSPCA and flew beautifully from the release site in Fife-he even gave us a fly-by a few minutes later just to show off! He's a very strong bird and I'm sure he will make great progress. His radio transmitter was reattached prior to release allowing me to keep an eye on him for as long as he stays in the area.

    The wing tags used in Ireland are slightly different to the ones used here in Scotland-they have a different colour on each wing and you can read the tag from underneath aswell which is quite useful! Keep your eyes peeled for this bird in the skies of Fife!

    This photo was taken last year in Ireland by Dick Coombes at Cape Clear.

  • THE best cappuccino

    Rumour has it that when there's a sea eagle at Vane Farm, the staff in the cafe will put a lovely chocolate sea eagle design on the top of your cappuccinos! Well worth a visit to Vane's cafe for that, and the coffee is fantastic too!

  • Sea Eagle on Loch Leven!

    At long last, a sea eagle was spotted at Loch Leven NNR yesterday afternoon! This individual has turquoise wing tags with the letter "H". She has spent time on Loch Leven during previous winters, but for the past few months has been spending most of her time on Loch Tay!

    A good place to watch her is at RSPB's Vane Farm. Hopefully she'll be in the area for a few days so make sure you go there soon!! Maybe the snow and cold weather will attract more sea eagles to Loch Leven over the next few days.

    This photograph of turquoise Z was taken by Phill Randall on Loch Leven last year.