Vote for Bob and ask the nature question

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Vote for Bob and ask the nature question

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A few days ago, I had a conversation on my doorstep with a prospective parliamentary candidate.  They asked me which issues interested me.  I said that I wanted to know what they were going to do to help wildlife.  Their response was impressive, showing good knowledge of both national and international issues.  We chatted about a few other issues, I was given a leaflet and then they were on their way to knock on my neighbour's door.

There will be tens of thousands of conversations like these taking place across the UK over the next 36 days during the election campaign.

So my challenge to you, your family and your friends is this.  When a prospective parliamentary candidate comes calling, ask them the nature question, 'what are you going to do help nature?'

And, if you don't get the knock on the door, why not go along to the many hustings events that will taking place in most constituencies and then you can put your question to all the candidates.

And finally, if neither of these appeal, why not Vote for Bob and get in touch with each of the candidates in your constituency via email. Nearly 600 prospective parliamentary candidates are supporting Bob - will yours?

We need politicians to care about wildlife, be informed and be accountable for their actions to their constituents. This is your opportunity to put them on the spot.

Go on, Vote for Bob and ask the nature question.

  • I signed the petition last year, but unfortunately I never received a reply from my MP, after asking him by email to sign the petition, which was very disappointing.

    Regards, Ian,