Here at RSPB headquarters at The Lodge in Bedfordshire, we have just received our first copies of the latest magazine. You'll be getting your copies in the next few days - mailing started today. With so many readers (thank you!), it can take several days to get all the copies out, so don't worry if yours takes a few days to arrive.

The new long-tailed tit cover (above) is getting a few "Oohs and "Aaahs" from our colleagues around the RSPB, so that's a good start I reckon. What do you think?

I'll be honest - and this is the first place I've ever admitted this so it's a blog exclusive - it is a nervy time for me as Editor when I open the pages of those first copies, hot off the press. I hope that all the work everyone has put in over the last few months has paid off - it only becomes 'real' for me when we see all the spreads as an actual magazine that you can touch! I'm pleased to report that visually, we are really pleased with the Winter issue. There are some big glossy images from some fantastic photographers that l hope you will enjoy and the writers have produced some great stories to share with you.

Please come back to go behind the scenes of the Winter issue

Over the next few weeks, we'll be bringing you the 'behind the scenes' stories of the features in the Winter issue on this blog. If you want to know how we put together the artwork for our features, or how RSPB cameraman, Toby Hough, shares his wildlife-filming adventures with his children, then do keep coming back. We have lots of extra photos as well that we didn't have room for in the magazine and I'll be posting some on this blog.

If there's anything you particularly enjoy about the Winter issue, please do post a comment below and let us know.

Enjoy your Birds magazine.