I hope you had a great Big Wild Sleepout and have managed to try out some of the recipes posted in the last few days. I know my nephew really enjoyed his and  told everyone at his school how they should all join the RSPB!

I've been seeing plenty of nocturnal wildlife in the last week, but the strange thing is that it hasn't been at night. This lunchtime, I discovered my fourth local brood of baby tawny owls in the last week while I was walking around The Lodge. That is a crazy statistic, especially as I haven't even been looking for them. Clearly it has been an excellent breeding season for owls.

Tawny owls by Ernie Janes (rspb-images.com)

The latest three owls (a little bit older than the cuties above) were high up in a sycamore and I enjoyed sharing them with some of my colleagues. You can't beat baby tawnys for the "Aaaah" factor.

Maybe it was the cover image of a tawny owl for the current Nature's Home magazine that  led to my run of luck! Hopefully there will be more to come yet.