Yesterday, Anna posted about those nature spectacles that sit on our bucket lists waiting for the big tick. Thanks to inspiration from her blog post and Simon Barnes’ column in the latest Nature’s Home, I started thinking about how often I sit here at HQ and say “that would be amazing to see”.

There is one bird that seems to be mentioned repetitively through those words. The puffin. A pint-sized beauty.

Hanging out on The Farne Islands (photo courtesy of Nature's Home reader Kevin Brown)

I love a good puffin photo. They bring me such a sense of joy. That’s why this week I’ve chosen Kevin Brown’s photo from The Farne Islands. There are so many friendly puffin faces sat upon those rocks and I want to say hello to all of them!

I’m hoping that I can get up to RSPB Bempton Cliffs this year and tick puffins off my ever expanding list of wildlife wonders and maybe get some shots myself.

What’s on your nature bucket list this year?