October, 2017


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Find out more about how we're working with farmers and others to provide space for farmland nature in the landscape. Join in the discussion on farming issues and share tips for wildlife-friendly farming.
  • Agriculture post-Brexit - thoughts on the future

    In case you missed it - our Conservation Director Martin Harper focussed on the future of farming post-Brexit last week, following the publication of a new independent report on two potential drivers of change – a decrease in financial support for farmers, and a failure to agree a trade deal with the EU.

    This report highlights some of the challenges that farms might face in the future, particularly where a majority of income is from subsidy, and/or opportunities for improved productivity or diversification are limited. Read more about the report here. 

    These challenges are likely to be of particular concern for upland livestock farms, so RSPB advisor Janet Fairclough and upland livestock farmer Chris Clark also share their thoughts in a series of guest blogs.    

  • More great news from Hope Farm

    Every year, the dedicated team at Hope Farm plan, manage and monitor the conservation measures in place on the farm to ensure it is providing space for wildlife to thrive. All this is done alongside the normal operations of a productive arable farm. 

    The wildlife on the farm is surveyed every year to monitor the impact of the farm's management. The results from this year's bird and butterfly surveys are now available here, along with an explanation of what it all means from Senior Research Assistant Derek Gruar.

    They are definitely worth a look!