More good hen harrier news in Bowland


Get the latest news on our hen harrier conservation work, including the five-year Hen Harrier Life+ project.

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More good hen harrier news in Bowland

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Last month we reported that hen harriers had bred successfully for the first time in the Forest of Bowland since 2015, with two nests, both containing four chicks. Shortly after, the final egg on the second nest hatched very late, making it five. 

 Now we can reveal there is a third nest on the United Utilities Bowland estate, boasting four male chicks.


The third nest in Bowland. Photo: James Bray


As part of the RSPB’s EU-funded Hen Harrier LIFE project, we’ve fitted chicks in the nest with satellite tags so we’ll be watching their movements very closely during fledging and beyond.


We would like to send a big thank you to RSPB staff and volunteers, United Utilities and their tenants, and raptor workers who have all worked hard to protect all three nests, resulting in a successful season at the site.


  • Excellent news, well done to all concerned

  • This is incredible. I'm looking forward to the England result for the year (in terms of total Hen Harrier production). I just hope Natural England are not too involved.

    Congratulations to all who were involved.