Buzzards - Life in the nest 2014


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Buzzards - Life in the Nest 2014!

Buzzards - Life in the nest 2014


    Welcome to the Arne 2014 Buzzard Cam Forum!

    After a 3 year wait we have nesting buzzards. We have a least 2 eggs. The first of these was laid on Tuesday 4th May with the second appearing on Thursday.

    Buzzards incubate for about 34 days so by my reckoning we should have the first chick in the first week of May. I am going to be the first to guess at the 4th.

    If any one else wants to guess dates please feel free.

    Also it would be great to record interesting happenings from the nest especially as we get close to hatching time.

    To Watch this webcam online follow the link on our main web page or click here

  • I could be totally wicked & register my guess for hatching as 7th June!!! Lol

  • Wot no mallards? Soooo disappointed. :-P

  • The Mallards would probably be more active Dom :-)

  • Mallard with 7 ducklings in residence in front of the Middlebere Hide this week for anyone missing their presence!

  • Any pics Dom??

  • After many visits to this nest have finally had a brief view of the eggs, not sure how many in total but I saw three as Mrs B stood up & turned eggs & promptly sat down again!  Anyone else watching?

  • Hello Wendy, another year flown by then, hope you are well, not spending so much time on the computer at the moment but am watching now and again but not getting too involved as off on hols soon for a fortnight so will miss all the new hatchlings :-(  Will be a lot to catch up with when I get back as there are eggs everywhere :-)

  • Hi PW, lovely to hear from you!  Unfortunately I am spending much time watching all various nests & not getting much else done.  My Kestrels here have done a bunk two weeks ago so am having to compensate by watching two live Kestrel cams where they already have eggs in addition to all Ospreys/Peregrines/Puffins/Barn Owls .......!  Have a good holiday, you'll be glad to sit at PC catching up for a rest when you get back home!!!

    My idea of a holiday would be to have someone come in for a fortnight or so to do all domestics & have meals served up whilst I watch all nests, chat to people & have bouts of excercise doing the gardening ... dream on!!

  • A handsome bird - must be getting near to hatching now...

  • Yes the picture is looking great isn't it Wendy? -  We are expecting the eggs to Hatch sometime next week - I am plumping for the 4th. It will be interesting to see what food is brought in. We have had a few things brought in already including a couple of slow worms and an unidentified snake!

    On our nest cams we have a newly hatched blue tits and we are watching the kestrels and barn owls - I think it will still be a couple of weeks before the eggs  hatch!

  • I was going to ask you about the Kestrels  MW as my pair here are still awol - will be the first year since 2006 with no nest - I do hope they have not come to harm!  Will you post on here when your Kestrel chicks hatch?

  • The kestrels are still sitting on 4 eggs. I think they will hatch in the next ten days or so and will let you know when this happens!

  • Many thanks MW!

  • Buzzard cam down at present!