Friday 10th Nov and the Sightings from Old Moor

Old Moor & Dearne Valley

Old Moor & Dearne Valley
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Friday 10th Nov and the Sightings from Old Moor

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Hello there, it's time once again for the sightings from Old Moor. I'll start with the sightings from the book today.

So, today there were sightings of a pintail on the Mere which was looking 'pretty smart' I was told. Also from the Mere today we have sightings of two juv peregrines, no doubt scaring everything in the hope of a meal.Lastly from the Mere, a sighting of a male goosander flying over.

Birds seen from Wath Ings today were one ruff, 4 green sandpiper, 3 dunlin, 2 redshank, a buzzard, shoveler and a grey heron.

Of 'no fixed abode' we also have sightings of 11 snipe, a blackcap and a sparrowhawk.

In the bird garden today we had all the usual current suspects - goldfinches, greenfinches, bullfinches, robins, magpies, dunnock, collared doves, reed buntings blue tits, great tits and a wren.

June Irwin shared her lovely photo of a wren from Old Moor on our FB page. Thank you June.

Roland Rodgerson also shared a lovely photo of a wren from the bird garden. Thank you Roland. 

Other sightings from Old Moor today came via Twitter and Ian Morris. Thank you Ian.

Extra to the above are redwing, two stonechat, 3 little egrets, kestrel, 17 lesser black backed gulls, 4 common gulls, 7 herring gulls, 21 cormorants and a mistle thrush.

From Ian, a redwing from today.

The starlings did a little murmuration today. There were approx 3000 and they all went to roost in the reedbeds near the monitoring hide. That was the only thing they did together however...

There were three groups that decided to form and 'go it alone' from the rest. They did do a few cool moves before they went into their roost but today it was short. All done by about 4:15pm. Still good to watch though so lok out for them this weekend if you are planning on visiting.

That's it and I shall leave you with a photo from Ian Butler. A female great spotted woodpecker in the bird garden. Thank you Ian. 

  • Nice wren photos - there seems to be quite a few about lately. I keep seeing them on the Reedbed trail zig zag in the bush halfway down. The woodpecker and redwing are nice too. :)