Our Schools on Reserves season is now in full swing and everything is going really well. The hard work put in with training over the winter months has really paid off as the programmes are being delivered smoothly with plenty of attention being paid to learning objectives and of course having fun!  Feedback has been very positive and it seems everyone (including teachers) have enjoyed their days on reserve with us.  We’ve had some lovely weather and this has meant that a lot of the school children have been able to eat their packed lunches outside in the play area, which they always enjoy. 


We’ve also had some brilliant creatures to look at and many of the children (and teachers!) have never seen some of the fantastic bugs that we’ve been able to find.  Some of the creatures that seem to be most popular with the children are those found in the pond.  These include the scary looking dragon fly nymphs, the backswimmers and the water scorpions, all of whom have amazing adaptions to survive in this highly competitive freshwater habitat. 



Back in the field, there’s lots of fun to be had too as we take part in mini beast hunts which can involve log turning, sweep netting and tree bashing. We also play games, make art and, for the older children, do some scientific investigations.  Discussions in the field often involve food chains, camouflage and simple ways of classifying creatures.   On a day out at Fairburn Ings there really is something for everyone!



With even more schools still placing their bookings, we’re looking forward to welcoming many more children onto the reserve over the coming weeks.


As this blog coincides with Volunteer Week, all that remains for me to say is that it would be really wonderful if anyone with some free time and a passion for wildlife could come and join us. There is always a lot to do but the work is extremely rewarding.  You will certainly get a warm welcome at Fairburn Ings and truly be part of helping to equip the next generation with the knowledge and ability to conserve this dynamic planet of ours. 


By being a volunteer with the RSPB you really can make a difference to children and nature, and, for me, it doesn’t get better than that.



Volunteering enquiries:

07711 918703


School booking/enquiries:
Nora Casey 01912334315