Aire Valley - Fairburn Ings and St Aidan's

Aire Valley - Fairburn Ings and St Aidan's
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Fairburn Ings


  • In Leeds at this time of year? We think we spotted one but thought I'd check how unlikely it is with the good people on here
  • I spotted one on 1st July at fairburn


  • Highly unlikely, Andrew. They're not an urban bird. I suspect it was a young robin you saw, though obviously that's a guess. Female redstarts can be confused with nightingales, but not likely in Leeds.

    Andy's photo is a warbler. Hard from that angle to be definitive, but has all the makings of a chiffchaff.

  • I did try and get a shot but it was dark and I didnt have a flash Ive uploaded two to my gallery
  • From its appearance I thought it was a Chiffchaff or a Warbler of some kind, and used my Ornidroid app to try get an ID on it, but none of them matched it's song.

    I asked a twitcher that was there and he couldn't ID it as he'd never heard the song before.

    I searched the net for it to match its song, and found it was a Nightingale.

    As for your comment "not an urban bird" Have you never been to Fairburn? It's not urban.
  • My first paragraph was to Andrew (though I appreciate Andy and Andrew can be confused). His sighting was Leeds which is urban.

    The photos on your gallery, Andy, look like song thrush.

    Re Fairburn sighting, it isn't a nightingale, sorry. Nightingales typically sing til early June approx. Although an unusual angle, the photo clearly shows it isn't a nightingale. Bill is wrong as well as overall appearance and primary projection.

    I certainly couldn't guarantee is as a chiffchaff (although photo alone it would be hard to prove otherwise). If that was the bird heard singing, and it didn't sound like a chiffchaff, but more melodic, then I am not sure what to suggest warbler wise.

    Did you get another photo, or a recording of the song, Andy?

  • Thanks for the Id I appreciate it, however I'd be wary of sweeping statements saying leeds is urban is a little misleading it's a vast city and this shot was taken in Temple Newsham approximately 1500 acres of woodland and parkland