Spring arrived in full power, just in time for the first of our brand new full day events.

We started at 6am at Orford Quay and the first photos were on the cameras before we had even left the quay, because the sunrise over the harbour was as breathtaking as it can only be in Suffolk.

The Pagodas on Orford Ness appearing out of the Morning Mist; Photo by Tony Pick.

Wafts of morning mist around the buildings on Orford Ness created an otherworldly illusion while we slowly passed by with the October Storm, and the shutters kept clicking. It continued this way throughout the next 12 hours; visitors and tutors alike had to change empty batteries and full memory cards to keep the cameras going for all the arising opportunities on the island.

We must have left at 6pm with hundreds of photos and I know, it will take much more time to sort the really good ones out, then taking them all in the first place. Therefore, I very much look forward to seeing stunning photos of our Havergate Hares, birds and saltmarsh plants taken by the 'students of the day' and the tutors appear in blogs, facebook pages, competitions and finally in our own exhibition at Snape Maltings in September.

Our visitors, coming from as far as Sheffield and Oxford, and as near as Ipswich, aged from 16 to 60 years, left the island with new skills, knowledge and friends, inspired and determined to return one day.

A huge thank you goes to the tutors of the day. They have taken on this new volunteer role in the RSPB South Suffolk Reserves and are so generous to donate their (usually very precious) time and professional skills to help inspiring people about protecting and saving nature.

Jon Evans shared his skills and infectious enthusiasm for tele-photography, while Danny Porter helped others to gain enough confidence with digiscoping to work on their own at the end of the day.

The island's unique landscapes were the subject for Tony Pick and multiskilled Celia Bartlett opened our visitors eyes - and macro lenses - for the beauty of small objects, which are so often overlooked.

A Whelk Shell covered in Lichen; Photo by Celia Bartlett.

Everyones endurance for the long day was in major parts due to the fantastic bread and pastries, provided by our local Pump Street Bakery. The definite favourites have been the Brownie bites, Bear Claws, Chocolate Cookies, Feta and Spinach Turnovers and not to forget, the Sicilian Lemonade (made in Devon).

We spotted and photographed many signs of spring, such as the first tiny blossoms on the saltmarsh plants, buds opening on the hardy shrubs and even some boxing hares, but the peacock butterfly dancing in the sun and the two swallows in the north of the island got away without being photographed, I believe.

If you like to know what our visitors thought about the day, please find their comments in the other blog post. If you are interested in joining one of these new events, don't wait too long to book for this very exclusive new adventure. We still have spaces left on the days in April and the second half of June.

You could be part in a similar group of people who share interest in nature's beauty and photography alike:

Walk through Havergate's Saltmarsh to the Jetty after an inspiring Day; Photo by Tony Pick.