Forumite Meet Up (Northern Division)

Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss
Do you love our Leighton Moss nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
Leighton Moss

Forumite Meet Up (Northern Division)

  • Yes and she has!

  • Nice, I was looking myself the otherday.

  • Just got my train tickets for friday 22nd under 40 quid return.

    Silverdale hotel rang yesterday to say seeing I'm from the right side of the pennines they redocorated my room!!!

    Should be arriving at about 10:45!!!

  • I didn't quite manage £40 but I did get a First Class return from London to Silverdale for £107 (two one way tickets, £55 one way and £52 the other). I arrive at Silverdale on Saturday 23rd at 09-16...

  • Not long to go now, Looking forward to a rest :)

  • James
    Looking forward to a rest :)

    I take it then Jim you wont be joining me at 5 AM

  • Bit late that Alan :)

  • LOL

  • Jim doesn't get back from the day before until 6am!

  • And thats from the bar :)