Sunday 2/9/2018 Leighton Moss with Hazel/Mike

Leighton Moss

Leighton Moss
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Leighton Moss

Sunday 2/9/2018 Leighton Moss with Hazel/Mike

  • Thanks all I named it a Migrant Hawker and my mate an Emperor so am happy about that.

    Been busy here so no time for the net yesterday but have got all my pictures ready just wish I had took the right camera with me but I still got some picture so here they are.









    MH  head shot.


    LB not one you see at LM every day.

  • Great additions, Jim, even with the wrong camera :) The symmetrical head shot of the dragon is excellent

  • Lovely photos, Everyone (even if with the the wrong camera, Jim--lol!).  Looking forward to any more.

  • Thank you Nige, it was fun trying for them,

    Thank you Ann, I have one or two more :)

  • lovely photos Jim and the head-on Migrant Hawker !

  • That Hawker is a stunner Jim.

    Will be interesting to see what photos you get when you have one of these 

  • Thanks Alan, will be nice to see the pictures that come out of it.