Eeeee...hey! It's EJ!

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten osprey diary

The ospreys at Loch Garten have people across the world gripped in their tale of violence, adultery and... well... fishing.

Eeeee...hey! It's EJ!

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She's back! Our favourite feathered female, EJ, has returned to us from her winter sun

EJ with her post-flight meal!

Yes, we've just spotted Loch Gartens' long serving female osprey perched underneath the nest devouring a nice, big trout. For the past few days, I've been hopefully sticking my head out of the centres' viewing slots every couple of minutes, like something from a "Whack-a-Mole" game, eagerly scoping out the known osprey perches. Every single time, I would get my hopes up and be sure that EJ would be there, checking over her nest for necessary renovations or preening herself on a prominent perch. But, every single time, my hopes were dashed and all I saw were empty trees, osprey-less branches and distinctly un-fishy perches. So, at 4:45 this afternoon, just as I was leaving the centre for the day, I almost didn't have the one last look I'd previously been treating myself to. The lights were off, the key was in my hand and my scarf and mittens were firmly on (my Mum worries about me catching cold...) but I decided that I would take the tiniest peek out of the smallest slot just in case...and there, under the nest was a dark shape that looked a bit like an osprey! Binoculars confirmed the species, and the camera confirmed the individual (courtesy of her trademark white leg-ring). 

The girl is back in town!

EJ is 20 years old this summer and this will be her 15th season at Loch Garten. Despite flying up to 3500 miles over the past few weeks she looks amazingly healthy and relaxed (I look awful after a one hour flight to Bristol. Although, actually, EJ doesn't have to worry about limited leg room like I do...). She's a really amazing bird and I'm sure you'll all agree it's brilliant to have her back safe and sound. Let's hope that this year she adds to her tally of 25 successfully fledged chicks.

Now all we need is Odin...

  • Fantastic to see His Gorgeous Magnificence is back for another season!  Fingers crossed they have another successful one.

  • Fantastic view of EJ eating a fish in a tree this morning, good zooming in LG :-)

  • What a wonderful warm feeling to see E.J., The Blog and all you wonderful people again this year. I am still on oxygen 24/7 and am so glad to have lived long enough to see, what I hope is a wonderful 2017. Welcome to you all, Linda in Queensland xxx

  • Haven't posted for a while but now fully retired, so more time to watch our lovely EJ. Come on Odin - we're all waiting (and so is she).

  • Welcome back EJ let's hope your mate Odin will be with you soon so no going astray with another till then. Now the fun begins.

  • Fantastic news that EJ has arrived back safe and sound. Come on Odin, don't keep the lady waiting!

  • Not often I respond to blogs but I have read some of the comments regarding lack of access to the web cam and have the same problem.  I have spoken to Carnyx and am awaiting a resolution.  My PCs and laptops all run Windows 10 and the only way I can see the normal web cam picture on the Loch Garten site is using Google Chrome (and my iPad).  Firefox, IE11 and Edge do not work.  This is also the situation on the Carnyx site.  I did try access on someone elses PC running Win 10 with the same result but using a Win 7 PC worked fine. As Alan says the workaround is using the Carnyx Flash access or in my experience an iPad running Safari.

  • Glad i could help

  • Thanks Alan that worked

  • It is brilliant. Thank you for the confirming Blog. EJ and Lass

    back on the same day. Now, just you be on time Odin for your lady. You don't have the weather as an excuse. March is finally, going out like a lamb.

  • Glad it worked Cath.

  • Thanks for your patience Alan, got it now :-)

  • Good to be back for another year!  I am having problems with the sound on the cameras. I can see the camera via the RSPB & Carynx sites but only have sound when using the Carynx link using flash.


  • Cathy and muffins mum if you look on the carnyx page have you tried the link where it says "watch using flash"