The Poole Harbour Translocation Thread for 2018-2019

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

The Poole Harbour Translocation Thread for 2018-2019

  • I have read all is not well..

    A question why take healthy chicks from caring parents who know what to feed them and how to rear then.

    I live where most of the chicks have been taken over the last few years.

    I can guarantee the dearth of Osprey here can’t be just a coincidence .

  • Wendyb - The death of the ospreys at Poole Harbour certainly is not just a coincidence and at present understand there is an investigation over the cause although it is speculated the likely cause is known - we will have to wait and see for the official reporting.

    It appears there is much to learn regarding the care of the ospreys at this translocation and unfortunately this year is a huge learning curve for future translocations.

    I am sure corrective action will be in place for 2019 translocation based on the findings otherwise I would like to think the SNH will not just rubber stamp a licence.

    Given that the loss of 14 birds to Scotland is hard to take given that the numbers are certainly not what we would expect and in particular this year has not been good.

    Tweed valley have already reported that only 5 nest sites out of 15 visited had raised chicks and is the worst year since 2007. 11 of the sites were occupied by 1 or more adults. My own area has had a poor season also but will await official results.

    Rutland Water became what it is today probably because of a particular bird translocated during the second season 03/97. Again RW suffered first season 1996 with 4 of the 8 translocated dying of salmonella in their release pens before fledge.

    I am not fond of this particular translocation but may grow to like it and will write to the SNH over particular matters. However once translocation takes place we wish the birds well and do hope for a second season 03/97 and a successful colonistion. It was 2003 six years later he first raised chicks in the translocated area.

    Again the numbers of breeding ospreys in Scotland have risen since 80 birds were translocated between 1996 to 2001 & 2005 and expect this to slowly continue even if a successful colonisation on the south coast.

    Wendyb - I would urge you also to pen any worries to the SNH. They sometimes listen as I pen'd lots of papers to SNH regarding the wildlife in general and in particular an osprey nest around Strathallan when T in the Park decided to locate 8 miles from my home. Many also did likewise and eventually after 2 years the contract was cancelled/postponed (Think they had a three year contract with option to further).

  • Keith thank you for taking the time to reply as the minute I posted I started to doubt myself.

    Yes I will send my concerns to the SNH as I did over the sadly missed( not) T in the Park.

    With so many nest failing including my local one whether it’s through age of the breeding pair or not conducive weather in a few years time with a lack of juveniles returning that number you quoted I assume can only diminish .

    I just so miss the fact that when I look out to the back of my cottage towards the Spey I have failed for so long to shout “Osprey Osprey Osprey” loudly to get OH to get off his computer and come and enjoy the sight.

  • Any update from Poole? 

  • Not that I have seen Tiger.

  • I was wondering this I hope the silence just means they are busy and not because there are problems

  • Just read on the BoPH site that there are still 3 youngsters in the harbour.

  • I do hope all is well, and that we may receive some news/updates soon.

  • Poole still have three birds present and will provide an update once they have departed.

    Paul says conditions are very favourable for migration today so watch this space.

  • A week ago I thought I was doing my last shift, but apparently we still have two birds present (as of yesterday morning) so I shall be doing another one this afternoon unless I get a text to say don't bother!

  • Hi Alison. Seems like yours are hanging around as Glaslyn are although not seen so far this morning.

    Weather looks to be better for you than at Glaslyn. Enjoy.

  • Thanks, Mike. We're back in a prolonged dry spell here - haven't had any of the rain they've been experiencing in Wales over the last few weeks. Not so many sightings of migrant ospreys recently either.

  • Well there was definitely one still around today!