LOCH GARTEN OSPREY GABFEST for June, July, Aug, Sept 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

LOCH GARTEN OSPREY GABFEST for June, July, Aug, Sept 2018

  •    Current Carnyx Wild Cam view.


  •    A better current view of the Carnyx Wild cam.

  •  Interesting news FROM FACEBOOK

  • Thanks, June, for the new thread and the pics.

  •            Ann, I thought you might enjoy this one.

  •  I can't say much for the  situation, but I do like the current picture.

  •    EJ, cheeping away.

  •    A male lands beside EJ, walks across the nest and flies away, leaving EJ to cheep or not, as she pleases.

  •                                 back at the nest, EJ has flown also.

  • Thanks for the pics, June.  Yes, love the family scene.

  • Evening all. Thankyou June for starting the new month almost posted in the wrong one. Love the misty photos I happen to.love fog and mist! So nice to see The beautiful EJ. Areal treat as it always is. Hope that next year she will form a pairing with someone who will do the job properly. Maybe George will shape jp.next year. Maybe he's young and needs to learn! He's beautiful though ☺

  • Hello dear Gabbers,

    it has been so long since I've been around, so I'm not informed at all. Did I understand correcly: Odin hasn't returned to Loch Garten this year? This is so sad! But lets hope that there will be chicks this year. My own little chick has kept me so busy that I don't spend much time with anything else. Karl has grown so much. Do you care for some pictures? I'm sure you do, so here we go:

    1. This picture was taken in january. It is very difficult to capture Karl's beautiful smile, but here you can see how friendly he is. He looks quite cheeky, doesn't he?

    2. Here Karl looks as if he's using some kind of sign-language

    3. Karl eventually began to select one of his toys.

    4. When Karl began to turn around, he once ended up under the cupboard in the livingroom.....

    5. ...and another time beside the sofa. He thought it tasted very good.

    6. He is now strong enough to wave his crocodile through the air. It is actually heavy for such a little fellow, as it is filled with seeds that you can warm up in a microwave so that you can use it in case of stomach-ache

    Apart from moving a lot, Karl is very talkative, too. He says "bffff", "adadadada" and "anda-anda-anda". I can't get enough of my little boy! I already miss him when I leave him with his Daddy for an hour so that I can go to the supermarket.

    I hope I'll find more time now and see how EJ and the eggs are doing.

    Kind regards and take care!

    Yours, Bente