DAILY UPDATE Loch Garten nest ~ Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE Loch Garten nest ~ Tuesday, 10 July 2018

  • Twas scylla and the slithy toves,

    did gyre and gimble in the nest,

    "all topsy turvy is the season", she said,

    as she earnestly did her best.

    Possibly we could think, losing a sense of time, that in fact this is the spring season. Yet ... where's the fish, GJ???

  • :-) Nice one CC, but what a lot of nonsense, said tongue in cheek :-p

  • Good morning!  I hope you feel better soon {{{CC}}} ;-D xxx

    DAYCAM 03:40hr:

    Off he flew:

    Have been on one-minute refreshes since...

  • Back up a couple of minutes ago !!!

  • I can't tell is we have any sound besides the system noise since the recovery, but EJ left silently:

  • Good morning MC and all.

  • I think it's just you and me at the mo, MIKE - good morning.

    Panic over, here's the video of the above and I'm off for Coffee #1 and maybe tidy kitchen :o

  • Good Morning SCYLLA and MIKE and EVERYBODY

  • Hi Patily.

  • Good Morning SCYLLA, Mike, Patily and all who visit the DU today. 

    An empty nest the last I looked, but it’s taken me a while to post as couldn’t get RF again.  

    Thanks for all your pics and videos of the overnight and early morning happenings on the nest SCYLLA, G seems to have a wee routine of an early morning visit to mate, pity he didn’t get into a routine of bringing dish as well. :-)

  • No updates from Aviemore Ospreys so far this morning :-)

  • Good morning, MARY - it's been rather slow for posting here too, but the Media box has been behaving, relief!

    Thank you for checking AO.  Yesterday I got caught up in Adam Caird's lovely photos and saved quite a few, not just ospreys!

  • Brilliant 25mac

  • I should add that I’ve no idea if the pic is EJ or not sorry.