DAILY UPDATE Loch Garten nest ~ Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE Loch Garten nest ~ Wednesday, 11 July 2018

  • Once-Around-Wanda here again with a daily start (not unlike our resident male, who seems to visit once or twice a day for a preferred function).

    Yesterday it seemed our dear EJ was waiting for attention on the nest in the afternoon, looking up at the sky and around, but no one showed up. Mike reports that LG says George is around but not within PTZ cam shot. (pic by Limpy)

    George did finally show himself on the nest close to the end of the day.  (scylla's pic and scylla's video)

  • Good morning and thank you, CC :)

    It's daycam already!

    DAYCAM 03:47hr:


  • Here's EJ, landed with a small pipe, mantled, GJ arrived, did not land on her back, they're both in back-to-back mode now.

  • EJ hasn't hung around waiting to be landed on, she's had a flap and is now at the back of the nest facing our way - GJ hasn't moved yet.

  • GJ has flown.

    EDIT - I posted that EJ had flown but it's not here - so the sequence was EJ then GJ.

  • GJ is back.  Just standing, a few paces...

  • Good morning MC

  • Flown, but not before giving us a fairly close-up view.

  • On the nest for less than a minute.

    Did he duck?

    He dipped and flew in an arc almost back towards us on the right.

  • Good Morning Everybody

  • Good Morning SCYLLA, Mike and Patily 

    Thank You for the start off CC

    Thanks for the early mornjng ins and outs of EJ and G.  Scylla. 

    Nest still empty on another dull morning.   

    Will check AO to see if any updates :-)

  • No update so far

  • Hi Mary. No updates so far....checked earlier!!…..LoL

  • Good morning, PATILY, MARY and MIKE!  Lovely to see the core BC here ;)

    It looks dank and dinjee at LG.