DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Saturday, 04 August 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

DAILY UPDATE ~ Loch Garten nest ~ Saturday, 04 August 2018

  • What an empty day, apart from EJ's voice in the early morning :(




    Current persistent status:

  • The latest refresh has brought up a black screen.  I can't hear wind (hang on!  I might have heard a little gust) or rain but can hear the usual hum, I hope that's a good sign.

  • I've opened VLC, as the sound is louder on that.

  • My internet went down just before 0400, back up @ 0406 after rebooting router :(((

  • Light just coming thru - it looks as tho there are a lot of little birds dancing on the branches ;)

  • I think that our "phenomenon" is under way - you can't see anything in a snap, but there are very faint "snowflakes" floating about.

  • DAYCAM 04:52hr:

  • Good Morning Scylla

    Thank you for starting the thread off with your usual aplomb. 

    It was comforting to know that while we didn't see EJ yesterday, Lorna let us know that she was still around.  

    I hope we see her today at some point. 

    I have checked AO and not updates for this morning.  

    Empty perch still

  • MaryGK
    I have checked AO and not updates for this morning.  

    Good morning and thank you, (((Mary))) - I just don't think of doing sensible things ;)

    I already fell asleep over the laptop just now, so I'd better be off.  I hope you see someone soon :)

    Someone might be coming here today to fit bathroom wares, but they haven't been in touch to confirm - don't you just hate that?!

    SYAL !!!

  • Good morning MC and Mary.

  • Oh Scylla I do hope that they turn up as I agree nothing worse not getting confirmation.   Hopefully they will phone before they arrive to say they are on their way.    Good Luck!

    Good Morning Mike

    Still an empty perch and still no updates from AO, so for now we wait to see if we at least can hear EJ's gentle chirrups this morning if we don't see her. 

  • Good Morning MARY MIKE and Everyone

  • Morning Patily

    I think Mike has gone for the T&T as he has disappeared :-) 

    I do hope we get to see EJ today.

    Perch is still empty and no change at AO.

  • AO have just put an update in - no mention of EJ, but maybe will get another update later on. 

    Perch still empty. 

  • I've PM'd you, MARY.

    Good morning PATILY and MIKE :)