Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 23 September 2018

Loch Garten ospreys

Loch Garten ospreys
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Loch Garten ospreys

Weekly Chat (Non-Osprey), 23 September 2018


    I hope everyone has a wonderful new season. 

    Full Moon at Turret Arch, Arches National Park, Utah USA
    U.S. National Park Service photo
    Credit: NPS/Neal Herbert
    Photo labeled Public Domain (copyright-free)

  • EQUINOX occurs at: 

    2:54 a.m. September 23 (tonight) in the U.K.

    11:24 a.m. September 23 in Adelaide, South Australia

    9:54 p.m. September 22 (tonight) in the Eastern U.S.

    8:54 p.m. September 22 in Iowa, U.S.

    6:54 p.m. September 22 in California, U.S.

    FULL HARVEST MOON occurs at: 

    3:52 a.m. September 25 in the U.K.

    12:22 p.m. September 25 in Adelaide, South Australia

    10:52 p.m. September 24 in the Eastern U.S.

    9:52 p.m. September 24 in Iowa, U.S.

    7:52 p.m. September 24 in California, U.S.

    Sorry if I forgot anyone else's location! 

  • Thank you DIANE.

    Just a quick look in as the family will be here before I know it!

    I imagine that LINDY will be well on her way to her embarkation point. Despite her doubts about the cruise company, I'm sure that the holiday will be good.

    I've also been thinking about PAT and the cruise.

    It was quite cold here this morning - about 5 degrees. Heating is on!

    Have a good Sunday, ALL.

  • DIANE - thanks for the start, picture and timings!

    HEATHER - was 3 degrees here - but no sign of ground frost - any remaining runner beans will tell us if they caught any frost as that is what usually finishes them off (haven't looked yet!).  Enjoy your big family gathering today!

    OH was pleased to get the mowing finished yesterday afternoon - three separate sessions due to battery recharging as it was really lush and thick.

    This morning, we finished transcribing magazine submissions (OH dictating for me to type as my left eye is a bit squiffy after sleeping), but he is now composing a couple of legal notices before I can compile the actual proof copy.  We have two extra pages this month after a dearth of items in the summer!

    I see we have some dry days in the forecast again - very sunny today.  Have a good week, everyone.

  • Thanks Diane for the info on equinox and moon

  • Hi, BJANE!  Linda forecast it would be quiet without her!  Almost finished the newsletter, so free to go grocery shopping tomorrow at Morrison's in Dumfries.  This also brings the promise of lunch out - maybe just a sandwich as we were naughty today - I sent OH out for a cream chocolate ├ęclair!

  • Cold damp and the odd bit of sun.,

    Dogs had a good walk but they are in hibernation mode..

    Wood burner lit most nights but luckily the radiators switch off..

    OG hope eye is returning to normal..

    Heather I bet you will sleep well tonight after family day.

  • Oh yes, WENDY! I hope so, only four hours sleep last night! I stayed away from the liqueurs this evening, though! Shop did very well yesterday, this is coming up to the busy time, of course. The boys are looking forward to meeting you next month :-)

  • They are brave to venture out with me... care in the community is good for the soul so they say:-)

  • Hello all. Seems to have gone chilly down here as central heating kicked in this morning - set at 18 1/2 degrees.  Nice quiet Sunday with a roast dinner and chilling.  Been trying to get an appointment at the ENT clinic through my doctor, she rang me the other day said she was frustrated as getting no answer from the department so has fast tracked me for 2 weeks.  We know cancer has been ruled out but having the problem flare up again and needing antibiotics to clear it something needs to be done as I don't want to be taking antibiotics every time it flares up. So next Tuesday 2nd Oct and we'll see what happens.

    OH goes down to County Ground tomorrow, then Wed and Thurs weather permitting for the final game of the season. He commentates for the blind. Going to be rather chilly playing!!!!

    OG - not naughty, I try and make sure we have a cream cake of some sort every Sunday with a cuppa early evening. We only have one main meal on a Sunday so it is a treat in the evening.

    Heather, hope you enjoyed your day with the family. Do you know which cruise company Lindy has gone with.  Anyway hope she enjoys the cruise.

  • Ten mins weeding, wary of flowering rye grass & its wheezing danger. Cleared space for tomatoes, seedlings due in this month. Cleared spider webs from car passenger doors as I am to drive Dau#1 & OH to airport en route to Spain. Plane leaves after 10 pm, so they leave their car here about teatime.  4 hours to checkin!

  • Lynette: Do hope they can get you sorted out once and for all.

    AQ: Spain?  Is this a vacation for daughter and SiL?  

    Diane: Thank you for all those dates and times.  I shall keep my eye out for the harvest moon tomorrow!

    Hi to all - here's to a good week for everyone.

  • Good morning – enjoying this wee summer in autumn – puts a smile on everyone’s face!  But we frightened ourselves this morning by making a list of all the garden jobs to be completed before winter!

    Wendy – always have a chuckle at your dogs’ love of their home comforts!  Eye still a bit bruised – thanks for asking – don’t remember this with the first one – but sight is excellent.

    Lynette – sorry to se you have an ENT problem – don’t think you mentioned it before – or is it connected with the falling over – eg Labyrinthitis?  Whatever, I hope it is sorted next week.  Well, to us the cream cakes were extremely naughty – we hardly ever have them, and I would certainly never eat one in an evening!

    AQ – wish 10 minutes could make an impact in our garden – more like 10 days needed here!  What a contrast between your Daughters – one needing help with three littlies, and the other able to leave her grown-up children and jet off to Europe – you haven’t mentioned that family for a long time, how are your Granddaughter and Grandson doing?

    Annette – hope you are enjoying time to yourself now, as well as catching up on paperwork and garden, of course!  Have you heard from your Niece since her flight home?

    Both our youngsters have moved into their uni accommodation and intend to make their mark there.  GDau, at York, is determined to enjoy “freshers week”, but GNiece at the Conservatoire in Glasgow has to get down to work straight away – 10 o’clock every morning to start, then classes at 8 o’clock from next week!

    Heard a loud noise and OH came to tell me two Hawk Trainers (Red Arrows type) were flying “up the road”; garden Robin objected and flew up onto the roof ridge to challenge them!  Need to make myself useful for the rest of the morning until we go for lunch and shopping.  Best wishes to all.

  • Morning all:  We are losing power here today for telephone/utility pole replacement so will be offline until it's sorted.  Wonder how the woodpeckers will take to having their favorite pole removed..

    OG: Have talked to niece several times since she arrived in NY, where she's wearing out her shoes going to all the museums, etc.  She flies back to Heathrow tonight and I suspect she'll be decompressing for a couple of days.   At least she is going back to a few days of sunshine so the change won't be too much of a shock. Meanwhile  I'm enjoying not having to do anything in terms of chauffeuring, etc. 

  • LYNETTE- I hope that you can get things sorted out at the ENT clinic. I don't know which cruise line LINDY is with. Her unhappiness was initially caused when they cancelled her cruise back in the Spring - someone had booked the entire ship and all existing bookings were null and void.

    OG - hope shopping and lunch went OK! I'm still worrying about the garden, family say that I'm getting a bit over worried, it isn't that bad.

    ANNETTE- it will take a while for you to feel completely relaxed, I'm certain. Your OH will be enjoying home made meals again :-)

    Not much doing here, I've a week before my brother and his wife arrive. She is enquiring about getting some dental treatment here, a bit unhappy with her French dentist. I've told her that it will cost her an arm and a leg, here! She has neglected her teeth since moving to France.