Where is the puffling?


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Where is the puffling?

  • Can see two adults in the burrow, but no sign of the peerie een!!

  •  Hi Lunklet - 9.08 this morning............

    but am watching nest closely as both adults are there and currently blocking puffling from view

  • They were very restless a little earlier, pulling the nesting material apart as if they were looking for something - still can't see the puffling unless he/she is right at the back, but not sure how far back the burrow goes.

  • Hi Lunklet - have just got back in & looked at puffincam and it surely looks a mess from when I looked earlier - have phoned North Scotland Office - no-one available at present so have left message on ansaphone asking someone to have a look - their cams may be better positioned - all I can do for now - I am so far away!

  • Further investigations to contact Helen Moncrieff revealed there has been an incident - don't know details - footage is being checked as is the nest and Helen will post later on blog

  • Hello Lunklet - just had my call returned from RSPB and they said the chick had died at around 12 noon today - no further details - sorry to be bearer of bad news - Helen Moncrieff will update blog any time now

  • don't know if you read the blog doggie but it seems as if other puffins may have attacked it - apparently people all over the world were watching and RSPB are piecing it all together so more will be revealed later. Yes - very sad - I watched it from when it was an egg and I was a real newbie!!!

  • basically 'cos I don't know how to do it!! as per usual

  • I've just joined the RSPB in honour of that tiny little flame of puffin life that was snuffed out today. I haven't stopped crying yet. The poor parents.

  • So sorry for your loss.  If you are interested, there is another puffin cam from Seal Island, Maine:     explore.org   I have been watching 'Petey' the puffling for some time now, and can't imagine if anything would happen to him.  Again, so sorry for your loss of the wee one.

  • Must be particularly 'thick' tonight doggie - just can't see an address that I can highlight - where - who - how ??

  • BLOG:  At the top of this Forum, there is a Blog tab in between Home and Forum and the first entry explains what happened, or you can click here: www.rspb.org.uk/.../sad-day-at-sumburgh-head-and-puffincam.aspx

  • What reply box - where??

  • www.rspb.org.uk/.../83417.aspx

  • Thanks deballen. I've been watching that puffling too - (I'll call him Petey too - so far I've known him as the audubon pompom!) he's a bit younger than peerie - but looking very well cared for. I've also been watching the Maine ospreys who've had a very hot time of it bless them.  Thanks again....