The Lodge wind turbine planning application will go to Central Bedfordshire Council’s Planning Committee meeting on 2 April 2014, during which the Council will decide whether to grant the project planning permission.

On 28 August our application was validated by Central Bedfordshire Council.  In the following months the RSPB has been responding to queries from local residents and organisations.  In particular, objections received from the Ministry of Defence and Cambridge Airport resulted in unforeseen delays to the planning process.  The RSPB has responded in full to both objections, and they have now been withdrawn.

Throughout the planning process, the council have requested views from local residents and organisations and will take into account all feedback when making their decision.

If planning permission is granted, the proposed wind turbine will be erected, at the earliest, in spring 2015 and will measure 100 m at its highest point.

To view our planning application, please visit Central Bedfordshire Council's website and search for case number CB/13/02916.