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  • Blog Post: Gadfa

    This is on most mornings my route to work, over Bwlch y Groes down through Gadfa into Cwm Eunant and down towards Lake Vyrnwy. While most people are crammed together like sardines on various A roads or motorways, I welcome another person sharing this amazing wilderness like a long lost friend just visiting...
  • Blog Post: Winter works at Vyrnwy

    As a reserve team we are now well into our winter works programme. This includes clearing various invasive non-native plants and trees from the moorland and woodlands around the reserve. Due to breeding birds and the time of year they nest, we have a window of 6 months from the start of September to...
  • Blog Post: Summer at Vyrnwy

    Hello, my name is Torrin and I have recently taken up the post of Estate Worker at RSPB Lake Vyrnwy. As this is my first blog since arriving at RSPB Lake Vyrnwy in March as a residential volunteer, I wanted to give you a bit of an insight as to the type of work I got up to as a Volunteer over the spring...
  • Blog Post: St. Bede's Primary School Visit Geltsdale

    Year 5 pupils from St Bede's Primary School Carlisle, braved the mist and rain to learn about Geltsdale's moorland habit and the birds, plants and animals that live there. They were rewarded with pleasant sunshine, bird watching and habitat themed games in the afternoon. We look forward to seeing...
  • Blog Post: Sphagnum Moss Reintroduction - a new WREN funded project at Dove Stone

    Having now been in the post of Sphagnum Recovery Officer at Dove Stone Reserve in the Peak District for a few weeks, it was about time I stopped wandering around the reserve in a world of Sphagnum, crawl out of the bog to introduced myself and the work that I, and a gang of willing volunteers will be...
  • Media: Gamekeepers for the future

    Gamekeeping students at Askham Bryan College, York, after taking part in a Skydancer hen harrier workshop - working together to secure a sustainable future for hen harriers and grouse shooting. Skydancer has been nominated for a National Lottery Award for Best Education Project. Vote online until 23rd...
  • Media: Heroic protection

    Two of RSPB's real Hen Harrier Hero squad, Chris Beever and Jim Harvey, mounting 24/7 guard on England's remaining hen harriers. (c) Steve Ormerod, Forest of Bowland, 2014.
  • Media: Hidden watch

    Assisted by telescopes and remote hidden cameras, RSPB staff and volunteers keep a 24/7 watch over two hen harrier nests in Bowland. (c) Steve Ormerod, 2014.
  • Media: Standing guard

    Assisted by telescopes and remote hidden cameras, RSPB staff and volunteers keep a 24/7 watch over two hen harrier nests in Bowland. (c) Steve Ormerod, 2014.
  • Blog Post: Photoworks by Malcolm Gibson – an Exhibition at RSPB Geltsdale - 15th April to 15th June

    The Photoworks produced for this exhibition were all created in and around the fells and hills of the North Cumbrian Pennines. The work is constructed with objects found at the site, with the finished piece produced and photographed during the process. The object at the centre of the work is placed...
  • Media: Marvellous Moors

    Experiencing the amazing moorland landscape firsthand with West Woodburn First School and Newsham Primary School, on a Skydancer field trip in Northumberland, March 2014
  • Media: Creative collages

    Children from Newsham Primary School, Blyth, get one step closer to earning their Hen Harrier Hero Awards by making moorland collages, following their Skydancer field trip, March, 2014.
  • Media: Fun in the sun

    Children from West Woodburn First School and Newsham Primary School enjoy the sunshine & learn all about the building blocks of the moorland landscape on a Skydancer field trip in Northumberland, March 2014.
  • Blog Post: Singing in the Rain!

    Last Tuesday with my image of a crested tit, I looked at getting creative by understanding and utilising exposure correctly. This week I’m focusing on the importance of perspective. Perspective, in wildlife photography, can be controlled by a number of elements including lens choice, the physical...
  • Blog Post: Hen harrier filming goes live

    Great news! We are now showing live film from an occupied hen harrier nest. Engineer Peter Mackay, along with Alan Leitch and Brian Ribbands were out on the West Mainland hills yesterday installing the camera with it's solar powered battery. The weather was perfect - dry, calm and not too hot for...
  • Forum Thread: Community Question

    Dear All, I wonder if there is anyone out there that can help me. This is the first time I have posted anything on this network and it is in fact the first time I have ever posted anything on any sort of “Chat Service” However I know very little if anything about birds and I am desperate...