Monday's Magic Moment: What you talking about?


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Monday's Magic Moment: What you talking about?

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 Well I hope that this week you'll all be talking about Big Garden Birdwatch. It is this weekend, afterall!

House sparrows by Ray Kennedy (

But what do you think these two chaps are talking about? Do leave me a comment below. I look forward to reading your wonderful and witty suggestions.....

And don't forget you can see this photo and loads of other fantastic wildlife and nature images in our image library.

  • "Oh, love ... you KNOW I prefer Kelloggs !!"

  • "D'you think we have a chance of being famous, and getting on the telly, after this photo?"

    "Nah, you need lots of colourful feathers for that, mate"

  • Looks like they have been buying cheap food again,must be the economic climate.

  • Towels? What, hung over these perches? Nah mate, didn't see them!

  • Male to female.

      I think someones spiked the water

  • I'll swing to the left, then you swing to the right, then all the seeds will fall out - hoorah!

  • Dont talk with your mouth full..!

    Yes dear.!

  • Male Sparrow: "Who the bloody 'ell's that"?

    Female Sparrow: "I think he's called David Cameron"

  • I thought it was quiet - they're all next door!  Got better food!

  • "can`t see from here Sid " , "should have went to specsavers"

  • 'If your name's not down - you're not getting in!'

  • 'Do you see what I see!'

  • 'He'll need a 9-iron for that shot!'

  • "Look, it's that goldie again"  

    "Oh yeah, she's too flash by half"

  • 'That stupid moggy thinks we can't see it hiding behind the plant pot.'