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  • Gardening for wildlife

    Butterfly birthdays

    Right now in the first couple of weeks of July, garden butterfly numbers tend to rocket. The summer emergence of Peacocks, Commas, Brimstones, together with Meadow Browns and Speckled Woods, plus a surge in the number of 'cabbage white' butterflies...
  • Families blog

    Your rock pool adventure starts here

    A sea anemone writhes. Tiny fish dart into the shadows. A crab looks right at you from under a pebble. Nothing quite captures the imagination like a rock pool. Peering through the glassy water into an entire world in miniature is thrilling, and not only...
  • Gardening for wildlife

    Bring on the burnets

    When I moved house (and garden) four years ago, I set out a list of target wildlife I wanted to make a home for. That then determined the habitats I needed to create and the plants I needed to grow. This target setting I find is a good game - it gives...
  • Mull Eagle Watch

    Tiroran chick post-mortem

    2nd July 2018 Sadly, on Thursday 14 th June, the Tiroran chick was confirmed dead. It had only been ringed on the Monday and the team remarked at how placid it had been when being handled. The Tiroran chick being ringed Looking back, that...
  • Gardening for wildlife

    A wolf in wasp's clothing

    I was taking a morning breather this week, which involves a quick lap of the garden after a burst of RSPB day-job work (just to let nature replenish the spirit - I find it better than caffeine), when I spotted a handful of flying insects scooting low...