Videos anyone?


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Videos anyone?

  • Wonderful vid TJ, very envious!

    I still have Win 7 (thank goodness) with MM ... Alan uses a free one which I tried & have completely forgotten the name of!

  • Very bad quality but I saw a barn owl in the barn in May and every time I walk past the barn in the valley I hoped to see it again. Yesterday very early and was well chuffed and surprised...

  • Can well imagine how pleased you were Bob, great find & good footage given the trying conditions!  Do you know if the adult pair or this year's youngsters?

  • Despite the dark conditions you can still see the Barn Owls well in the clip, nice one Bob.

  • What a lovely garden visitor TJ, great video, you did well using new Windows 10.   As you know I fail to produce videos so can't help with any info but hope someone else can.

  • Great to see the Barn Owls Bob, you must have been out early to get that clip.

  • Thanks Wendy, Hazel and Gaynor. I think the right is the adult from May but not sure about the left side one and too dark to check even if I knew what I was checking for. Around 6:30am but I think helped it rained pretty much the whole day before. Someone told me at some point previously that they'll come out and stay out later after rainfall.

  • Another meeting with the ever-so-tame Moorhen at Monkton NR this morning ...yes, I said morning, was up early to sort out overnight moth trap there! Lol


  • They always make me laugh to see their huge feet.

  • TeeJay

    This female Green Woodpecker is turning up more frequently. Not the greatest video as it was shot through window double glazing. Note the photobombing Sparrows.

    (Please visit the site to view this video)

    I've recently migrated to Windows 10 and found that Movie Maker was no more and I couldn't find an equivalent. I wondered what other people use to edit videos in Win10. I found a free open source video editor called Shotcut which I used for this one. Rather a steep learning curve so wondered whether anyone new of a simpler one.

    First, a fabulous video of the green woody.

    W10, is a swear word in this house, Microsoft seem bent on removing all the tried and trusted programs.

    However, though I don't do much video work, I use the Canon program that came with my Canon HFR36, though from time to time, I do use the Photos, program that came with W10,which will handle video as well as photos.

    When saving the final footage, it saves as MP4.

    You can trim videos, slow the pace down, just two of the features that I use. as an uneducated video editor, with a hell of a lot to learn...

  • Windows Movie Maker Ver 2012 (build 16.4.3528.03331) is running on my Win10 installation Tony.

  • Which software supplier did you download from JB?

  • I'm pretty sure it was off Microsoft site Wendy.

  • I had a look and I still have the download in my downloads from last year and it was for Microsoft Esensials 16.4.3528.0331

    Even though Microsoft Esensials no longer runs on Win10 Windows Movie Maker Ver 2012 (build 16.4.3528.03331)
    is part of the download :)

    Microsoft Esensials

    Scroll down the page till you see these and download 32 or 64 bit what ever your running but most people on here will probibly be running 64 bits windows
    English English Windows Vista/Windows 7 32-bit or Windows Vista/Windows 7 64-bit

  • Thanks Jim but the link you gave takes me to Security Essentials Download which doesn't seem to be the same as Windows Live Essentials. There are some non Microsoft sites claiming to be able to provide Live Essentials downloads but I don't trust them.

    Not to worry I'll give Win 10's Photo package a try ( I didn't realise it did videos) or try to get to grips with Shotcut.

    Thanks anyway for your help