A sunny Moss Valley (Sheffield) today and the fields/woods came to life.


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A sunny Moss Valley (Sheffield) today and the fields/woods came to life.

  • See if you can get this Bob aulaenred.ibercaja.es/.../269_LittleOwlAnoctua.pdf

  • I wouldn't know if you can tell apart either, but I think nesting usually starts in April so I suppose it is possible the female is already tucked away and perhaps the male is more likely to be the one out and about being photographed but that's just a wild piece of speculation.

  • Thanks Alan and Nige. Looking at the guide and comparing the out of focus photo a couple of pages back that I took I'm still not sure as they looked the same size, possibly the back one a little larger. Possibly this is the male then as this was the one in front in the other photo. That's if they are a pair.

  • Some today. Sun came out finally.

  • Brilliant Bob especially the video

  • Thanks Alan. He is very dependable and funny to watch. I think because branches were between us he thought he was invisible as he was quite close today.

  • Great selection

  • Lovely view over the water Bob, and the Little Owl is showing really well.

  • Great updates Bob with pics and clip, I do love that L.Owl and the "expression" they give, what a character he looks !    Looks like more sunny weather to come yet so keep the camera ready  lol

  • Thanks Nige, Gaynor and Hazel.

  • A few this morning.

  • You got a Barnie now Bob as well as Little Owls...you lucky man.

    Love the Hare shot too, and the Heron that can't read.

  • Thanks Alan. In a barn 2 fields away from the barn where the little owl lives. Hares were great today, never seen so many mixed in with rabbits. As for the heron :)

  • Lovely shots Bob, you are jammy - both Barn and Little Owls and the fabulous Hares too, well captured.

  • Thanks Gaynor :)