Kingfishers 2017


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Kingfishers 2017

  • Nothing wrong with having a bit of salad starter before your fish course. Easier to catch, too :)

    Good luck tomorrow.

  • I was going to post some of my own until I saw these beauties by Silvana

  • Alan
    I was going to post some of my own until I saw these beauties by Silvana

    Yeah but you shared them so you ought to get most of the credit :)

  • Hi D, did you see Keith Ross (Ramsgate Birds) on Twitter today?... posted some great vids from this morning's fight between two KF's at Ramsgate Harbour ... most of it was live broadcast on YT!

  • Amazing Kingfisher shots by Silvana. When you think these are all taken with a Canon SX60 bridge camera it makes me wonder whether I'm wasting my time with expensive DSLR and posh lenses.

  • Makes me realise how inept I am TJ, aren't they fabulous captures.

  • It feels a bit strange to be here in Kingfisher land, but I'm very happy nonetheless. Not a bird I see or manage to photograph often but I spotted this wee chap at Aberlady today. Not your close up & colourful portrait shots but still nice to see. He was a fair bit away and was fishing from just below the walkway on the bridge.

    A view of the bridge from January 2016.

    From today, un-cropped at 560mm.

    A bit closer and looking lengthways across the bridge.

    Cropped in a bit.

    A few seconds before he was spooked by people in coloured hats.

    Happy days.!! :-)

  • Well found Paul it's a beauty, I never tire of seeing one.

  • Cheers, Alan. I do see them now and again, but they rarely hang around to have their photos taken.

  • Well done Paul, your photos show how small the Kingfisher is, which is easy to forget when we see the shots on here sometimes.

  • Great KF additions, such a lovely thread