Your best three photos for the month of July 2018


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Your best three photos for the month of July 2018

  • It's that time again for your best three photos. Looking forwards to seeing them.

    The best of June thread is Here for 2018

    My Three but could have shown a lot more :)

  • A spot of ongoing DiY….

    Feeding the family....

    One hungry egret...

  • lovely photos Jim and Mike;   to be honest I wasn't sure what to choose so this time all three are of the Jay as they have to be one of the most beautiful and expressive birds;

    That Black-tailed Godwit photo is stunning Jim

  • Excellent work already as usual. Here are my 3.



    I have taken a liberty and posted 4 pictures to show this Little Ringed Plover rising from the nest to show her broken wing to a dangerous looking Greylag Gosling (off picture)

  • Very nice pictures Mike, Hazel, and they are a clever little birds Bob, faking an injury to attract the attacker to them instead of the nest.  

  • Here's my three.

    Green Woodpecker feeding youngster with ants

    Juvenile Common Crane

    A bit of Ruff

  • Very nice Tony, and there is nothing wrong with a bit of Ruff :)

  • Excellent stuff from everyone.

    It was July and I could have easily filled the quota with insects! That said, this is the first Willow Tit I've seen since spring and I do like the pose - taken at Pennington.

    And rarely for me I managed to actually catch the eye of a Common Tern in flight - taken at Wigan Flash

    And lastly, having said it was a good month for insects, I love the colour, pose and facial detail in the Emerald Damselfly - from Lever Gravel Pits

  • My three are

  • A lovely selection of shots from everyone, as always.

    I can’t remember if I’ve posted any of these before (although I do clearly remember getting into a fight over a policeman’s hat on my very first day of school……funny old thing the memory. Incidentally, there wasn’t a policeman involved.!! :-)

    Anyway, my three favourites from July are

    Willow Warbler

    Incoming Greylags

    And a snapshot of the chaos which is bath time for the Starlings.

  • Very nice Willow Warbler Paul.

  • No little owls for a change.

    Rabbit watching the sun come up on a country lane

    Mole mid afternoon... first time I've seen one

    Kestrel. Just had a bit of a do with some thrushes at the top of the tree.

  • All very lovely photos

  • Wow, not often you see a mole on top Bob.

  • So I understand James. I think Julys hot weather played havoc with lot of natural behaviour for a lot of animals...