Hi Folks, just to let you know that our back garden blackbird chicks have fledged, but my goodness, what dramas are going on!  Earlier this afternoon there was such a hullabaloo from the parent birds as they both rocketed past the kitchen window in hot pursuit of the magpie!  Presumably, it was after a chick but the blackbirds put up a valiant battle for at least half an hour and (I think) saved their young, because when things quietened down they went back to picking up worms etc. and flying off with them.  It wasn't only the blackbirds who were at war but other smaller birds joined in the attack and saw the magpie off - and who can blame them - I've seen the result of a magpie attack on a blackbird chick and it wasn't a pretty sight.  Still, I suppose the magpies have chicks of their own to feed too.

There was a pretty spectacular air battle yesterday too, this time between the red kite and a buzzard.  I guess the kite had flown a little too close for comfort to the buzzard's nest or something, so the buzzard flew up in defence.  It was a real privelige to see two such skilled aeronauts in combat over the fields.  Like the blackbird battle, they too had a little cloud of smaller birds trying to see them off, but for once, the crows kept their distance - discretion being the better part of valour maybe!

Who needs T.V. when you have all this excitement on your doorstep!