Kingfishers 2017


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Kingfishers 2017

  • It was great to see him on the new longer/higher perch this morning.

  • The height of the perch must be to his liking because he took a dive off the top and caught a fish.

    he took off with the head of the fish pointing outwards so I assume he's feeding young somewhere

  • Magic Alan.

  • cracking shots Alan, that area looks terrific.

  • Lucky you having that on your doorstep, used to see kingfishers regularly along local small rivers/streams but not anymore. Such stunning birds, usually just see the flash of blue. Had one visit the garden pond last year, stayed about 20secs then was gone. Have never seen juv kingfisher so look forward to your updates Alan.

  • Lovely, Alan.  Fantastic blues on the birds, whether in or out of sunlight!

  • Prime habitat for your pond Alan, no wonder you can sit there and relax.   Great to see him on your new perch and then with the fish, hopefully you will get to see the young before long.

  • Had a lovely 2 1/2 hours this morning down at the pool, in varying sunlight and high winds.

    It's amazing how they change colour in different light.

    First up was Mrs KF

    I think she got disturbed so flew off and about 10 minutes later Mr KF turned up complete with fish

    I could hear young squeaking but didn't see he flew off.

    more to follow

  • A short while after I noticed this one sat quietly on a perch...the first youngster of 2017

    more to follow

  • Lovely juvenile

  • more to follow

  • It then decided to either have a bath or a practice dive..not a serious hunt.

  • After another dive

    Dad turned up with breakfast

  • Dad then decided to fly up to the new long perch