My Garden Lollipops


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My Garden Lollipops

  • Atrocious weather over the weekend, so I was reduced to an early (or late) garden watch. In the few dry spells I did spot some brave Red Admirals but when I went out they remained high up in the bushes. Instead, I got this hoverfly.

    Eristalis Nemorum, I think.

    The birds are generally shy when I'm out. The boldest are normally the male Blackbird who refused to show and the Lollipops. After Fabulous Fence Posts, perhaps this is an entry for a Wonderful Washing Lines thread!

    And in the next, I love the expression in the one at the back

    I imagine the conversation was along the lines.

    Front: 'Ello, what are you doing?

    Back: Well, I was on an important photo shoot until you got in the way.

    Front: If you're going to like that about it I'm off

    And how can anyone look at the face of this one and not think Lollipops are cute!

    One debating whether its future contains the fat balls hanging from the bracket it's on. You can see it's raining again by now!

    The past few times that a large tit flock turned up, it had at least one Chiffchaff and sometimes two mixed in with it, but sadly not this time when I had the camera out.

    Eventually the Goldies turned up.

    Ever get the feeling you've had too many sunflower hearts...

    And the garden Robin, who only comes when I'm at the opposite end of the garden. I think this year's youngster. now in full plumage.

    Too many Lollipos, I know but they are so cute!

  • Fabulous thread Nige, such clear photos and you can't have too many LTT's in my opinion, they are gorgeous birds, you are lucky to be getting them in your garden.  I find they come in when it turns cold and then feed and fly, I'm lucky to be able to get the camera on any at all.   Lovely plump Goldie and very smart Robin.

  • Lovely pics Huge!  Like Gaynor I only get LTT's in Winter & hoping that they will be comfortable with new feeder positions further into garden!

  • Silly Google being disrespectful!  Lol

  • Lovely shots Nigel you can never have too many Lollipops

  • I only have a small garden in amongst terraced housing so getting approval from the local Lollipops for the feeding station was a real bonus and having a dozen of those regularly zipping around makes it look busy!

    Lovely pics Huge!  

    I've been called lots of things, but never that! Autocorrect has a lot to answer for :)

  • Great shots Nigel, no more birds around my garden since the neighbors moved in (cut down every bit of greenery)!

  • Just lovely Nige, who can't love the Lollypops, beautiful Robin and Goldies also.

  • Just catching up on threads and glad I didn't miss the Lollipops ! lovely photos of them all Nigel.   Seems to have been a good breeding season this year and I am hearing lots of LTT's around so guess I'll have to make more pastry during winter months !!

  • I didn't realise I was that unusual for getting them in the garden in summer, although now the big winter flock has definitely reformed. Perhaps these city birds need more of a helping hand ... or they're just plain lazy :) They have to make do with suet balls and not homemade cheesy pastry though!

  • I often hear the LTTs foraging in the tall Oak trees during the summer months as they continue to communicate with one another - there is plenty of natural foods for them still but once the weather gets cold they will come and perch right in front  !!  I usually give them  cheese/suet/seed pastry and fat cake.