Add your "Odds & Sods" here thread


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Add your "Odds & Sods" here thread

  • Often we don't have enough photos to create a full thread so thought I'd start an Odds & Sods thread where you may want to add a pic or two when you don't have enough for their own thread .    Feel free to add your rogues gallery here ! 

    I only had a couple of pics today, one a Treecreeper and the other a very hacked off looking Great Egret huddled against the reeds trying to keep warm !

  • I'm sure it'll get a lot of use ... and the Treecreeper peeking over the branch and the Egret really looking grumpy is a lovely way to start it. 

     I had to take a photo or two of the resident garden Blackbird knee-deep the snow as he just looked so good against the white-ish backdrop...

    He was the only one bold enough to pose for me in the short while I had ... attracted by an extra portion of nibbles, of course!

  • Love the odds and sods, Hazel and Nigel, and I look forward to many more, from you two and from others!

  • beautiful photos Nigel, as you say the blackbird really stands out well against the snowy background - great stuff :)

  • You know it's cold when the Black-headed Gulls come into the garden looking for food.

  • That's amazing to see the BH Gull in the garden Tony although about 4 years ago we had one visit briefly too when it saw some food on the ground.  Your gull already has its chocolate head !  breeding plumage. We're heading back south shortly to Cheshire and although I left 10 feeders full and 6 fat blocks, I bet they are now almost empty !

  • only record shots but a couple of hours after we got back home I just caught glance of a Redwing which was bathing/drinking on the waterfall area;  by the time I grabbed my camera it was off  !

    and looks like the blue tits and Siskins have been having a pool party whilst we've been away    lol 

    Once again, record shots through window.....

  • So pleased to hear you home safe, was concerned given the treachorous conditions all over ... many accidents & road closures locally & cars completely iced up ... thank goidness it should start to normalise from tomorrow!

  • We've some very hungry birds, that bird feeder was cleaned and fully topped up mid morning, by mid afternoon it was 2/3 full!

  • A few record shots of these bathing beauties from this lunchtime and early afternoon.   Had visitors so these were pretty quick pics through window :(

    Redwings came back again - saw three but there may have been more;      I had apple pieces, sultanas out but all they wanted was a wash and brush up !

    and 4 bullfinches  (two pairs)

  • I was out in the city centre with my sister to do run some errands, so we decided to stop by the park to see what we could see today.

    A Blackbird perched on a stump

    A Moorhen standing in the freezing cold lake

    A Coot re-enacting the car chasing scene from the first Jurassic Park movie, he was set out to get me I'm sure of it.

    Its blood red eyes are actually very beautiful when they are not giving you evil looks

    The highlights of today I shall post in a separate thread for MC, guess what they are. ;)

  • OK,  puzzle ..... who's this in our garden ?    no clues ....

    photos are record only as it's like night-time outside and pouring down !   

    So,   you say Wilma ? ............................................ hmmmm .........................????

    turn around little Wagtail ..................

    Oh, it must be Wilma's beau  !!    the black bib says it's a male ....

  • Ooooh, what a lovely visitor aitch!

    Sooo excited by mine today that am posting on here as well as 'videos' thread ...


  • awww, what a beautiful video clip of the lollipops,  there's a lot around at the moment as they try to maintain their body weight in this terribly cold weather, bless 'em.      Always worry about the smaller birds as they need to eat more often and glad to report I saw our teeny goldcrest today so it's survived the Beast from the East :)

  • Very nice pictures everyone, sadly not been out for over a week now but the weather is getting a little better so might be able to get out for a few hours this week.