Attempt at the Farne Islands !


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Attempt at the Farne Islands !

  • We're not having the greatest of luck since we headed from summer in Cheshire over to the N.E.Coast although the people are so friendly here and we are still managing to see birds despite the changeable weather.     Today we attempted our first trip out to Farne Islands with Jim and pal also coming with us.    We set off from the harbour at 9.30am although the sea looked choppy and the wind was picking up.    We ploughed through the north sea towards the islands with our large vessel rocking up one side, down the other as it tried to cope with the rising waves.    I am not a good sailor at the best of times but glad to say I maintained a steady stomach as the boat tilted from side to side with an occasional spray coming over my back  !        We toured around the various islands for almost two hours but due to the rough water we were unable to land safely anywhere so it was decided by the skipper that we headed back to the harbour with conditions said to worsen.      Sadly, it was a challenge taking any photos as we were up and down on the waves but for a laugh I will give you one decent photo (considering conditions ! ) and an impression of our journey  lol       I still have photos to go through although I didn't take many.   Jim may have a lot more so feel free to add them here Jim.     I'll be glad to see a Puffin in focus  LOL

    our sister boat that was heading back to port also 

    another vessel struggling

    at least someone was having a fun time  !!

    Can't take Jim anywhere   LOL

    and Yay  !!!  my first Puffin x 3 having a race ……………..       can't believe any turned out as I had to brace myself against the side of the boat and hang on for grim death !   

    Just remember I put my life on the line to get you this shot     ha ha !!  

    Weather does not look good so I don't think Mike and I will be able to get in a visit to the Farnes as we head home Friday :(

  • Surely you could have made a jump for it onto the island, it looks no rougher than my fishing lakes!!

  • Jim is right in his element there. Nice Porpoise impressions by those Puffins!

  • Lol Alan,  I might have tried but we had two cameras in hand and two weighty rucksacks  !   Strangely enough the sun is trying to come out now and although the sea looks a bit choppy, not as bad as it was earlier.   They were thinking about going out for another attempt at 12.45 but then they said it was not likely - or tomorrow so gave us a complete refund which was rather generous after a two hour ride !

  • I found a couple more …        what a difference it could have made had we not been on the choppy water trying to take these shots whilst bracing ourselves against the benches and side rail and if we'd had a hint of blue sky    (which we appear to have now we're back at the ranch)

  • That does look a little choppy Hazel, it can get very rough getting out the islands, we've had a trip postponed in the past but its worth the effort. Hopefully you will all make it sometime this week. Love the Puffins.

  • Cracking photos, the ones that you managed to get anyway. So glad it was not me out there, I do not have sea legs if there is any choppiness!!

  • Oh dear, Hazel, what a shame about the weather!  At least you managed to see a few Puffins (and very lovely they are!)  I hope the weather improves dramatically for you so that you actually do get to land on the Islands.  Just camp out at the boat dock and hope for the best!

  • Excellent efforts considering the conditions. There's always a risk with a bit of choppiness that they won't land on Staple Island, but it must have been bad if they aborted landing in Inner Farne. Just as well it didn't get any worse, with no Grace Darling around to help out now :).

  • A shame the weather was against you today. The 3 Puffins porpoising (or whatever you call it) is an excellent photo though! If tomorrow looks bad again then perhaps Thursday will be better. You never know with our weather!  

  • What a shame after all the good weather we have had, well at least you had a lovely (or nearly)  boat trip out, and the shot of the Puffins is just to whet your appetite for more.   Seems like James was enjoying it all, some people just have no feeling!!!!

  • Just an update from Jim who asked me to tell you he can't get internet at the moment so will catch up when he gets a connection;  he will be heading off with his pal to Farne Islands today so fingers crossed they can land;   Mike and I are heading in the other direction towards home but no doubt will choose to stop off an interesting places en-route.    Mike and I had a great day on Holy Island again and after a very grey cold morning would you believe the sun came out with some blue sky in the afternoon so gave me a opportunity to take better pics which I'll upload once I get home.  The two Jim's have just passed by our balcony on their way to the boat;   still looks choppy out there but not as bad as the last few days.

        I'm going into summer hibernation again once I've updated this weekend   lol

  • Sorry to hear you didn't manage to get on the Island Hazel, the sun will probably come out now for the Jim's.

  • Thanks Alan, to be honest we could have gone out today but as you can imagine there is a back-log of passengers and there are numerous boats going out.  The weather looked grey and choppy again but I've checked forecast and they should have a nice afternoon with sunshine and hopefully blue sky.   We are heading south a day early although it doesn't make much difference as we'll be heading probably to Druridge Bay on the way so will be in this part of the country still and we would be heading back on check out day very early anyway so losing nothing really.    Looking forward to summer back in Cheshire and to thaw out  lol   Hope the garden birds have the red carpet out for us and haven't abandoned us !

     Seriously though, we've still had a good time despite the ten degree drop over this side and yesterday's trip to Holy Island was fantastic - almost got sun tan !

    Just about to pack the car now and head to Druridge CP.    Catch ya'll later !  

  • Such a shame the weather wasn't kind to you. You did well to get any shots in those conditions. The Puffins are great especially the ones mimicking dolphins. The Shags look quite prehistoric with their scaly plumage. Better luck next time.