What is the RSPB's response to this story


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What is the RSPB's response to this story

  • I'm shocked to see this all over Twitter this morning


  • How can I be expected to go to the Hen Harrier day in Sheffield Saturday when I know that the RSPB employ one of the people I will be protesting against in the same area I love to go walking in.

    I think someone had better lock this thread before I blow a fuse.

  • Hi Alan,

    Deciding to introduce any form of predator control - lethal or non-lethal - is something we never take lightly. It’s always based on scientific evidence and guided by our Council-agreed policy. We understand this is a serious and emotive subject, which is why we do our best to be honest and transparent with everything we do, including publishing an annual blog on the predator control we do. Our use of lethal control is only ever a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. The blog can be found here: ww2.rspb.org.uk/.../the-conservationist-39-s-dilemma-an-update-on-the-science-policy-and-practice-of-the-impact-of-predators-on-wild-birds-5.aspx

    In this case, the control is needed to help save the curlew, a bird we have a global responsibility to protect and one that is likely to disappear from some places in the UK if we don’t act to save it now. The work we are doing in the Peak District is part of the Curlew Trial Management project, designed to help restore population of this rapidly declining species. The project webpage can be found here: www.rspb.org.uk/.../curlew-trial-management

    We will be posting a full response to this but for now I hope this helps to answer your questions.

  • This is appalling and needs to be addressed immediately. If the RSPB refuses to act on this I'm done with them.

  • Thanks Chris to say I'm fuming is an understatement I've just left Martin another comment to see if he/you will be addressing the use of the guy in the story and your use of Larsen traps that are banned in the country that invented them.

    Please lock this thread so it doesn't get heated and against community rules.

  • And the response above confirms the story. Pathetic and feeble reply.

  • see gull
    This is appalling and needs to be addressed immediately. If the RSPB refuses to act on this I'm done with them.

    I'm close to it too Ian

  • It's obvious what the RSPB's response will be. We know curlews are declining and need protection. But it's the method that is the issue. These traps could never be humane because they place live birds into small cages in unknown territories where resident birds try to attack them, thus causing prolonged distress. The birds can then be killed by a blow to the head which the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust itself says can be hard to achieve first time. The RSPB should take humaneness into consideration when conducting conservation activities and I do not believe this is an acceptable method to use.

  • I am totally gobsmacked after reading this and find it unfathomable, beyond comprehension but thank Alan for bringing this to the fore as I hadn't a clue this was happening and I was someone who donated to the "help the Curlew" and several other appeals.      The use of Larsen traps and the cruelty it causes is the last thing I would have expected RSPB to condone the use of but then to read about the employment of Bloodsports personnel seems to defy the meaning of what RSPB stands for and although I understand the importance of protecting vulnerable birds on the endangered list which are in imminent danger of becomg extinct or which have been drastically reduced in numbers I wonder after reading this where RSPB are willing to draw line when it comes to the wider implications of such drastic action and the cruelty not just to the crows/foxes, etc, culled but as has been pointed out, the offspring at critical breeding times of year when their parents are killed leaving them to suffer.         I am not against culling per se when it comes to deer and grey squirrel as we ourselves are trying to reduce the number of greys in our garden which have had population explosion but having said this, we are very very aware of the methods used and did extensive research to ensure the trap for the greys was both effective and as humane as possible and a kill trap that was approved by both DEFRA and RSPCA.      I doubt they would approve of a Larsen trap.        Ironically, I read in the Bird Watching magazine that RSPB have expressed their concern over the planned Raven cull in Perthshire !   

    I look forward to receiving a more extensive reply from RSPB management which would hopefully answer some of our concerns and about the methods and the personnel they employ using our membership fees.       I'm still finding it hard to believe what I just read in the HIT report but wish to hear both sides so over to you RSPB   !!

  • To be honest I'm still struggling to get my head around the story.

    I'm not surprised you generously gave to the Curlew appeal Hazel as you have done to other appeals.

    Maybe they could alter the Curlew appeal page for sake of transparency and give people the option of where they want the money spending, something like....

    £10 for a Larsen trap to bait with live birds

    £10 for 10 bullets to shoot (possibly pregnant) Foxes.

    Surely using live birds in traps is something the Victorians would have done, not a charity that is suppose to look after birds.

  • Hi all,

    As promised, here is a more detailed response: ww2.rspb.org.uk/.../making-tough-decisions.aspx

  • I've just been reading it Chris, I'm not going to comment on Martin's blog but it's sad to see there is no mention of you using Larsen traps which for a bird charity I for one find disgusting, and am now reviewing my membership.

  • Alan
    I'm not going to comment on Martin's blog

    Changed my mind

  • Thanks for speaking up D ... did not renew my membersip last year!

  • I think mine along with a lot more will be going over the next few days Wendy if they don't stop using the Larsen traps