Leighton Moss 12/13 -7-2018


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Leighton Moss 12/13 -7-2018

  • Got to Leighton Moss bang on time for the ringing session Hazel and Mike were there just before me we also met a nice couple Mary and Kev who might join our group later, we had lots of birds caught lost count and this time my hands were warm so I was able to let one go, it started to rain so they lowered the nets so not to catch anymore we then had a walk in the reeds were the public were not allowed for a talk then went back to the centre and went our own way for the rest of the day but not before calling into the cafe :)

    These are some of the picture I got will add more when I get home later today.

    Great Tit on Kevin's Hand.


    Some people always lag behind :)

  • Great set Jim and although only a brief visit, we did have a fun time and the ringing/singing session was fantastic as well as the weather until latterly and the hour delay on M6 home for us both !     Look forward to the rest of your pics in due course but thanks for your excellent company and the fun time.  

  • Nice set, Jim. Looking forward to the additional pics.

    @Hazel, I forgot to ask, what was the "singing" part of the ringing/singing session?

  • TeeJay
    @Hazel, I forgot to ask, what was the "singing" part of the ringing/singing session?

        well, after the Leighton Moss visitor manager and ringer both refused to sing it was left to two Wrens on our walk round   LOL       ..... and the only other birds we heard were the juvenile Willow Warblers practicing their singing which was lovely to hear.     Both Reed and Willow Warblers were everywhere and several seen at the ringing session so it is good to know they had a fantastic breeding season by the looks of it.  


  • Did you get any photos of you ringing that lot in the first photo?

  • lol - you mean the human group of the deer group.

  • The Deer group.

    I take it you realised that gate wasn't locked?

  • lol Alan !    we'd just finished visiting that part of the reserve where only staff access is allowed (in middle of one of the reed beds) and were waiting patiently for three un-named chaps lagging behind to catch up so John could close the gate again !!  

  • A good selection … and glad your hands have finally warmed up, Jim :)

  • Thanks, Jim and Hazel, for the posts and photos.  Love the sweet little Swallow.

  • Thank you Hazel, and yes an hour added to both our journey home that was because of the HGV that hit the bridge a few weeks back they still have not put the support back up its still jacked up did you see it?

    And the only singing was done by me and you today and that Mike got a very nice surprise in the cafe later shame because I thought it was for me at first lol

    Thank you Tony, the weather might not have been the best but when your with friends and out in the wild even if you get wet now and again you don't mind and I think I still have a few pictures to show after having two hours in bed lol

    It was nice to get hold of a Willow Warbler this time Hazel and let it got after it had been ringed and how many birds did he say before he got his licence it was 1,000s that a lot of ringing must have took a few years to do that.

    There is always someone lagging behind but it was because I saw something you all missed and three of us were taking pictures well thats my excuse Hazel :)

    I made sure my hand was warm this time Nige, say no more lol

    It was nice to see the Swallow close up and to see the colours and that was the second one we saw Ann, double the amount of birds caught this time but no Bearded Tits.

    @ Hazel, that last insect I saw that landed on that twig has turned out very nice I saw it flying close to me but could not make out what it was untill it landed and I bet you got a nice view of them through your binos :) I took a lot of pictures just to make sure I had one or two good pictures :)

  • Just come across this if you want something similar to Pine Lakes over this neck o the woods www.theoldgravelpitlodges.co.uk

  • Thanks for the useful link Alan, that looks interesting and have bookmarked for the future.  

  • And its only 30 miles away from Bempton Cliff

  • James
    did he say before he got his licence it was 1,000s that a lot of ringing must have took a few years to do that.


    4,000  I believe it was Jim