Tonight's Moon 2018


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Tonight's Moon 2018

  • I am going to give it a go this year but its to cold at the mo and I like to stay warm :)

  • Lunar eclipse tonight

  • Cheers for the link Paul,  I'd seen it mentioned this morning on the BBC website;  looking forward to the pics from everyone  :)  

  • May be a washout here unfortunately given the latest forecast for rain/storms!!

  • Hopefully OK for up here; the Monkeys are falling out of the trees with sunstroke at the moment.!! :-)

  • Lol!

    Just hit 30°C in bedroom where I'm camping out cos lounge is worse & worserer still outside!

    Good job am not up a tree!!!

  • It's cooled down nicely today, then cloud cover came over & I can't see the darn moon anywhere, let alone a red moon!!!

  • Still hot here, but clouded over in early evening too and then no thunderstorm. Kept the heat and humidity in and obscured the moon, so worst of everything :(

  • No moon here either.The Monkeys are now being knocked out of the trees with heavy rain.!!

  • Started raining here at 4.00p.m. and though it stopped after half an hour the sky was covered over in heavy cloud, so no luck here.

  • These were from last night's practice - clouds ruined the big show tonight.

  • No luck here at all with very heavy cloud over much of the country and rainfall during part of the evening.  

    @ Bob  lovely shots, nice when it is framed by trees

  • Nice clear photos Bob, sadly, it was heavy cloud here...