A few of my photographs...


We're about more than just birds (though obviously we like them a lot).

A few of my photographs...

  • I seem to be getting more & more photographs of local birds so thought I'd share a few. Let's start off with a flock of Waxwings from a few weeks back (first ones I've seen).

  • Hi Michael have a read here this might help you www.rspb.org.uk/.../191572.aspx

  • And whilst this isn't of 'wildlife' it's of the full moon which I just took a couple of hours ago, thought I'd share.

  • Thanks Alan, that would explain it..

  • Just a simple wood pigeon but I liked the colours created by the setting sun.

  • Cracking photos Michael keep them coming.

    Forgot to say welcome to the community.

  • Welcome from me also Michael, I am up at the very top of Scotland, in Caithness. Lovely photos.

  • Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

    Here's a couple of images of what I believe is a buzzard, I'd never seen one before until the beginning of this month and mistakenly thought it was some kind of eagle at first.

  • Here we have a flock of oyster-catchers, this is one of my personal favourites but again I think it's simply down to the aesthetics/colours.

    (Slightly *ahem* processed).

    And here's an oyster catcher prying its breakfast free.

  • Lovely photo's, Welcome from me in Essex. I hope you will enjoy it here?

  • Another lovely set of shots Micheal

  • Goldfinch.

  • Here's a brief animation (made from images) of a Kestrel hovering/looking for prey at sunset.

  • Love the hovering Kesterel Michael.

  • Catlady

    Love the hovering Kesterel Michael

    Thanks CL, pleased you liked it!!

    Here's a less graceful (although it could be said more menacing) animation!!

    There's something about the eyes, they seem to follow you... ;-)