I have a number of printers from A3 to Laser but recently my A4 Canon packed up.

I miss it more than the others because as well as a good photo printer the Canon 5350 also printed on to DVD and CDs.

In case anyone is interested I spent some time on searches, Epson, canon etc and found a SUPERB printer, no scanner, this does not bother me I have an Epson V600 scanner, but I bought a Canon IP7250 from Amazon (I spend a fortune on Amazon, they never everr quibble about sending replacements if an item is faulty).

The iP7250 prints superb photos though I usually use my Caon A3 for photos, but it also prints top quality on to DVD and CDs, 

THIS link is for another canon but the 7250 works in exactly the same way, it is also WIRELESS and believe it or not £39, YES £39 from Amazon.


Finally do NOT be drawn into the silly rows about using cheap compatible inks, I have been using compatible inks for 20 years in all printers including my lasers, and never ever had a problem, ever.  Replacement ink for the printer is £10 for FIVE sets that is just 40p per ink cartridge.