South Downs Barn Owls 2018 (C) Carnyx Wild


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South Downs Barn Owls 2018 (C) Carnyx Wild

  • FIVE cute owlets here

  • More views of the Owlets ... always seems to be plenty of food here

  • A little catch-up

  • Can see all Five here

  • The dark faced one is becoming more noticeable

  • Time for an update ... FIVE looking healthy with no dark faces ... was just dirt, so much of it in this box unfortunately!

  • It looks like things are progressing well in this box, even if it is starting to look a bit cramped for space. Ian

  • Thet certainly are looking fit & well Ian, have been checking in several times a day!

  • The famous five today

  • Lost one here so now it's the fabulous four!

  • Still four chicks in the box, one of them however looks lifeless so we may be down to three. Ian

  • I saw that the littlest had perished yesterday Ian, very sad & hope enough food being delivered to sustain the remaining three!  Wondering if there was a great deal of rain there yesterday?