South Downs Barn Owls 2018 (C) Carnyx Wild


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South Downs Barn Owls 2018 (C) Carnyx Wild

  • FIVE cute owlets here

  • More views of the Owlets ... always seems to be plenty of food here

  • A little catch-up

  • Can see all Five here

  • The dark faced one is becoming more noticeable

  • Time for an update ... FIVE looking healthy with no dark faces ... was just dirt, so much of it in this box unfortunately!

  • It looks like things are progressing well in this box, even if it is starting to look a bit cramped for space. Ian

  • Thet certainly are looking fit & well Ian, have been checking in several times a day!

  • The famous five today

  • Lost one here so now it's the fabulous four!

  • Still four chicks in the box, one of them however looks lifeless so we may be down to three. Ian

  • I saw that the littlest had perished yesterday Ian, very sad & hope enough food being delivered to sustain the remaining three!  Wondering if there was a great deal of rain there yesterday?

  • Looked in and there were only two in the box both looking distinctly upwards, I looked straight back & there were three. Fortunately, I was saved the trouble of questioning my eyesight as one of them jumped to the top of the box which is where it must have been to start with. Its shadow is currently on the wall of the box. Ian

  • Had not seen any of that action Ian, recording now for a while as only one in box at mo!

  • All three in the box at the moment. Ian