Trying again.......another Driven Grouse Shooting petition.


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Trying again.......another Driven Grouse Shooting petition.

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I was innocently browsing through Twitter when the excellent Chris Packham highlighted this petition.  Perhaps we can arrange for all the rabid hunting supporters to be absent from the ensuing debate.

It's currently standing at 4,970 signatures.

I'm adding a link to the petition to license driven grouse shooting even though I'd personally like to see it consigned to history.  Licensing it is probably better than nothing at all.

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  • Well done Clare for putting the link on, I signed it the other day when I too was innocently browsing through twitter and saw the excellent Wendy had highlighted the petition lol.

  • Thanks for bringing it here Clare, quite forgot to do same!

    Good to see sigs rising but not fast enough methinks!

    PLEASE SIGN folks, we need your support!

  • Thanks Clare,   duly signed.

  • Yes thanks, Clare, signed.

  • Me too.

  • I'm sure I signed this a couple of days ago but it's let me sign it again :-/

  • Signed and shared

  • I've signed it but I don't hold up much hope of any action.

  • Thanks, all.  It's now up to 5,361.

  • We have both signed

    Come on everyone there must be some RSPB members here who will sign

    NOW 5,650

  • Please can someone arrange a hunt near me I can attend, I want 50 foxes to chase down a lot of huntspeople running scared

  • TeeJay

    I've signed it but I don't hold up much hope of any action.

    I'm trying not to dwell on that.  You're probably right, but if nobody tries to do anything then nothing will change.

  • Incidents like this one are just a small part of why I'd like to see an end to this so-called sport.

    More like un-Natural England.

  • Signed, Ian

  • 5,517 now.  It's climbing steadily - and it's got months ahead of it to climb much further.