do wagtails re-visit?


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do wagtails re-visit?

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hi ,we had a wagtail who very cheekily came to our back door this time last year and waited until we fed it, we jokingly said yesterday it would be funny if it returned and guess who popped over this morning! is it possible its the same bird??its the only one in the garden

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  • Hi Mandy yes they will revisit if they are getting what they want. I find they like to root around in gravel or between concrete slabs and they ove mealworms

  • Hi Mandy,

    I agree with Judi. They prefer a solid surface to walk on rather than grass, and eat mealworms and seed.

    My 2 pied waggies came back a couple of days ago. I had them last year until spring, and am delighted to see them back.

    They are such delicate and dainty little birds.

  • Hi

    We don't often have the pleasure of wagtails in our garden, but yesterday we had two and they hung around most of the day. This morning I opened the bedroom curtains to see if there had been more snow, they were the only birds in the garden.  Will they re'visit? maybe for us, only as long as the snow, but its nice to have them/

    Oh and the blackbird from last year has been resident in the garden again over the past couple of weeks. He was eating from our fingers last year, - turkey, on boxing day, was the first time he trusted us enough. So far this year, he's playing shy and is still stopping short of the doorstep.


  • Now that would makle a fantastic christmas photo Soosin LOL