hope this is not a silly question ...


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hope this is not a silly question ...

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What could have flown overhead, across the road in front of me whilst I was driving in the Yorkshire Dales, it was fast and looked like a sideways on W.  Any takers?

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  • Er......how big was it?

  • Peregrine look like that in a dive a W on its side.


  • Jim

  • A bird, sorry but could be anything

    Try this


    then click on  "More images for bird with a silhouette"

  • Not very big.  

  • I knew it was a silly question, sorry to bother everyone ... and thanks for answering.  Jeremy, I'll look at your link.

  • Hi Jim, I don't think it was big enough, and it wasn't diving but flying.  Hey ho, thanks for answering

  • NO question is ever silly, and no one is ever bothered, I have asked some really stupid ones in my time believe me

  • Hi Jill, sorry I can't help but I just wanted to back Jeremy up. There really is no such thing as a silly question, so please dont be put off and keep asking away!

  • Thanks for your kind encouragement.  I did wonder if it might be a Merlin, but think I was too far North?

  • Not too far north for merlin, but if a raptor, far more likely to be a sparrowhawk.