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Feather ID

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Found in Herefordshire farmland and wondering what it might be. Any ideas?
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  • Hi Shona welcome to the community.

    The majority of feathers posted on the community turn out to be Pheasant, hopefully one of the experts will be able to help you.

  • I agree with Alan, looks like Pheasant to me.

  • I think so also Shona, female pheasant.

  • Hi I am bad enough when all the feathers are together on a bird, so I am useless with just a feather! :D

    There doesn't appear to be a good feather identification online, but it is worth starting with the RSPB bird identifier (www.rspb.org.uk/.../bird-identifier), where you can put in place and feather colours to help narrow it down to start.

    Going from that I found a photo of a similar feather on Google (www.barnowlsurvey.org.uk/.../Bird+feathers) specifically the photos of the Little Owl feathers.

    Not sure if that is any use, but hopefully it is a help.

  • It's too spotty to be a pheasant feather.

    featherbase.info is a good site, with lots of examples and measurements, but doesn't have all species or a search function for characteristics.