dead osprey found in France


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dead osprey found in France

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Can anyone up in LG or elsewhere identify this young bird. The ring tag is partly visible reading as: RP4

The photo is in the gallery on the site. LG can you respond or any other ringer with osprey knowledge.  Its a bit disconcerting, wondering whether or not it is Garten. Do hope not.

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  • This does not appear to be a British bird due to ringing configuration. Extract from Roy Dennis site:

    Osprey colour rings in the UK are marked with a combination of two digits or letters reading up the ring from the foot. These are repeated three times round the ring, so that the combination can be read from any angle

  • Garten is ringed PH.

  • I saw that, and wondered if people would find it too disturbing if I posted a link. The caption says "found dead in the (River) Eyre, obviously shot by a "hunter".

    The area is close to Mallachie's flight path on Sunday morning. So, while she met a man with a camera, this bird met a man with a gun. It does show how perilous their journeys are - and man, unfortunately, is one of the biggest hazards.   

  • I didn't know that detail Sue C. Gulp!!

    So sad.

  • Oh ****!   Sue, maybe the less said about this, the better.

  • Hi I have only recently joined the forum & unfortunately found the site when I received a message asking if I knew the origin of an osprey found shot near River Eyre.

    I have been monitoring a nest near my home for 4 years & was this year fortunate enough to be granted a Schedule1 licence for photography. Anyway to cut a long story short - after ecountering a suspicious individual under the nest the week before the pair arrived, numerous flying intruders through the season - I can confirm that 2 chicks successfully fledged & have been absent from my area for about a week. I have contacted the person responsible for ringing in my area but we will also need to know the colour of the ring & in which direction the letters are placed - any help would be appreciated.






  • Welcome Val

    Glad you got my email. 


  • valmc : If I can recall on the photo of the dead osprey it was on the left leg and read RP from the foot upwards and there was a 4 next to the RP at right angles.

  • Hi Alan

    I found the link & requested info from the person who ringed the chicks at the nest near me & he confirmed that it is not British as was mentioned in a post above. There would be information on the metal ring on the other leg as to where the finder should contact to report the bird.



  • Anybody finding (or seeing) a ringed bird in Europe can report the details here:

    (It'd be best if the finder did it so that the details are accurate as possible)