bird of prey


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bird of prey

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Quite high and fast. Can anyone help.....thanks

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  • Looks to be a Kestrel to me for sure.

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  • Looks to be a Kestrel to me for sure.

  • thanks, Roger

  • Certainly looks like a Kestrel to me too.

  • Me too!

  • thanks Bob and Wendy, I usually see them hovering ready to pounce. this was high and travelling straight at speed so was uncertain.

    Took this one of which was very 

    Thanks Bob and Wendy, I expect to see them hovering close to the ground. This was high and flying fast and straight so I was uncertain. I'll get there one day!

    Took this Kestrel picture recently which was pleasing...….david

  • Super shot of a beautiful female, thanks David!